Vishu Kani Decoration 2021- Items, Images,Points – Malayalam

Waking up to see Visho Kanye is perhaps one of my fondest childhood memories. The traditional setting of Vishu Kani, a variety of blessed items first seen in Vishu, is an inevitable part of the famous Hindu religious festival in Kerala. Since Vishu marks the traditional New Year according to the Zodiac calendar, it is believed that seeing kani heralds a good year for the beholder. As a kid, you would have seen how your grandmother or mother had groomed Kanye the night before.

The kani consisted of flowers, fruits, vegetables, and clothing, plus gold coins, an image of Vishnu and copies of the scriptures. Early in the day of Vishu, at the auspicious hour, family members are called into the room where the kani are kept with their eyes covered. It is believed that Kanye’s twinkling vision heralds a prosperous year.

vishu kani decoration items images

Vishu Kani decoration and Items

Here are the steps that you must follow to set up the kani. There are slight changes from place to place, subject to availability of resources.

»Clean the lamp, pour oil, and put five wicks.

»Cleaning the pottery in which the Alkani arranged. Fill the bowl first with rice and rice. Next, top with golden cucumber (kani filarie)

»put coconut halves split

» Now, top with jackfruit, mango and banana (Kadali variety). The jackfruit is said to be the favourite of Ganesha, the mango is from Subrahamania and the banana is given to Krishna; The mirror of fornication (Falkenadi) is preserved after that. You can decorate it with a chain of gold.

»Place the vase next to a statue of Krishna, ensuring that no shadow falls on the idol

» On a flat plate, keep a fresh piece of cloth (cassavu mundo), sacred writings and gold Coins

»Put crimson (sindoor) and kohl (kajal) next to the plate

» Also put betel leaves, coins and areca nuts next to the plate

»In a jug, keep clean water with some flowers

» Next to the pot, farmers often keep nine different seeds (Navadania). After infusing Vishu Kani; Cassia fistula flowers (kani kona), which bloom around Visho, decorate the kani arrangement. It is also wrapped around  Krishna.

»Now turn on the lamp with an incense stick